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You may have heard about EasyCup, modern ready-to-eat meals from Hamé that can be easily prepared in the microwave. If you are between 18 and 44 years old you might have seen in May 2015 a video ad on YouTube. The Video campaign acquainted users with ready-to-eat meals called EasyCup, their simple preparation and a wide range of tastes based on a Hungarian dish called Lečo or Moravian specialities.

Our assignment was to extend TV campaign on EasyCup with online communication and ensure an increase in "reach" and "frequency" from users who watch TV rarely or never.

As one of the first in the Czech Republic, Marketup has implemented a campaign called ‘Brandlift’. Google Research evaluates the performance of campaigns and measures AdRecall and Brand Awareness. Stellar campaign results which surprised even Google and significantly exceeded its global benchmark in FMCG! In June 2015 Marketup presented the campaign at Google CEE Agency Day in Prague.

Examples of video adverts on YouTube:

- EasyCup ready-to-eat meals. The proper taste up to 3 minutes

- EasyCup ready-to-eat meals. The Preparation up to 3 minutes

Display of ad 7 mil.
Views until the end 640.000
VTR 27%
Visits gained from campaign 27.000

Project description

TrueView advertising on YouTube in form of two TV placements from the client were aimed at the target group and modified by the display campaign, re-marketing and advertising in search. The product was aimed at people who have watched a video ad on YouTube until the end through banners across the internet. All communication was aimed at desktops, tablets and mobile phones and directed at interested persons responsive to a landing page that contained information about the product.

The Video ad on YouTube had 1,25 million views, out of which more than 600.000 visitors viewed it until the end. While more than 25% of the views were made via mobile phones and tablets.

The coding of the landing page including mobile responsiveness was part of the campaign.

  • Example of video ad on YouTube
    Example of video ad on YouTube
    Example of video ad on YouTube
  • Remarketing banners
    Remarketing banners
    Remarketing banners